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  • ISBN: 9781370380633
Amber gets tired of her brother-in-law staring at her body and decides to do something about it. She gives him a good look at everything she has; he does the same for her and they decide although looking is fun, going beyond that is a lot better. What they do then is described graphically and in detail, so this book is intended for adults only.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

She was standing and facing him, with her hands on her hips, pulling her T-shirt tightly against her breasts. She hardly ever wore a bra, and she wasn't wearing one then, so her cute nubbins were easily visible through the thin fabric. When she moved, Kurt could see her breasts moving under the T-shirt. One time he had snooped in her dresser drawer, and the only bra there was a size 34B. That was just a number, though, and couldn't begin to describe how beautiful the succulent mounds really were.

Although a very attractive feature, Amber's breasts weren't her only appealing quality. She was petite, just over five feet tall and slender, with long, dark hair. Her eyes were also dark, but her face was quite fair, almost pale, but with a cute dusting of freckles. The other part of Amber's body that constantly drew his attention was her curvaceous rear end, especially when she wore the tight jeans or shorts she favored. He had been tempted to swipe a pair of lacy panties, but had resisted for fear of getting caught.

"Well, I can't help myself, Amber. You are really sexy, and every time I see you, I can't keep myself from thinking about what you look like under your clothes."

That confession and compliment mollified her a little. Amber was aware of her good looks, and Kurt wasn't the only man who frequently gawked at her. She thought him quite handsome too, and liked to sneak looks at him when he wasn't aware of it. Even though she liked being thought of as attractive, she really didn't like being stared at. She was also afraid it might make her much older husband jealous, and Amber wanted to avoid any conflict in the family.

"I tell you what," she offered. "If I give you a really, really good look at me, so you'll know what I look like, do you think you'll stop staring?"

"Well, er, I don't know."

"Okay, then, let's find out."

Kurt didn't know what she meant, but he quickly learned. With both hands, Amber took hold of the bottom hem of her T-shirt, and peeled it up and over her head, freeing her breasts, and allowing them to bounce unfettered in front of her brother-in-law. They were just as lovely as he had imagined them being, jutting from her chest and curving down and back up, and topped jauntily by her dark nubbins. Her skin there was even fairer than that of her face, almost the color of ivory, and was also sprinkled with freckles. Amber's breasts were the most gorgeous he had ever seen, and he yearned to caress them with his hands and tongue.

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